Village Earth Spirituality Program

Village Earth Spirituality Program and Practicuum. University of Toronto, Elliott Allen Institute on Ecology and Theology Eco-Theology, Faith and Practice SMT2610HS. Program Director: Linda Gregg, CSJ, D. Min. Ecology and Ethics: Mary Rowell, CSJ, PhD.

Innovative Summer Course!

Toronto School of Theology (TST)
University of Toronto
Elliot Allen Institute for Ecology and Theology

This Residential Course will comprise three aspects

  1. Earth Literacy

    • The Sacred Universe

    • Integration with our Faith, Revelation Story

    • Foundations in scripture, theology and history

  2. Earth Spirituality

    • Introductory:Bio-Regionalism / Earth Ethics

    • Earth traditions in Christian spirituality

    • Developing your own earth spirituality and practices

  3. Earth Praxis

    • Earth Praxis and Ministry Project

      • Fundamentals of Organic Gardening

      • Ministry Project - developed in dialogue with each student

    • Skills for living more lightly within our Village Earth

    • Resources will be offered such as library, videos and field trips

We invite you to learn with us in this time when all we need to consider how to live in harmony and peace as all the People of the Earth

Course Dates: July 4-12, 2018
Student Only Residential Cost: In addition to the regular TST course fee there is an additional residential fee of $250.00. The Federation of Sisters of St Joseph of Canada, as part of their commitment to faith, ecology and education subsidize the remain cost.
To Inquire: 

Program Director: Linda Gregg, CSJ, D.Min.
Ecology and Ethics: Mary Rowell CSJ, PhD.


Villa St Joseph Ecology and Spirituality Centre
445 Monk St, Cobourg ON, K9A 2S9