Cultivating and Caring for Creation

Green Spirit Television has put together a fabulous 12 part series of videos and lessons plans in response to Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si". 

Program One: A Life-Giving Ecology for All
Introducing Building a New Culture: Central Themes in Recent Church Teaching on the Environment (Justice and Peace Commission, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops [CCCB]).  Also introduced: Catholic religious and lay communities and individuals with long-standing commitments to eco justice.

Program Two: Who Is in Greatest Peril?
How themes and goals of eco justice and social justice are interrelated, especially with regard to the poor, to women, the disabled and elderly.


Program Three: Presence of God
Created in God's image, the human being is able to discern the presence of God throughout the created world.

Program Four: Program Four: Creation Has Intrinsic Order
How God created the world with intelligibility and coherence; how humans are able to discern their special place and role within creation.

Program Five: Human Ecology
Exploring eco justice as a life issue, part of what Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (1928 – 1996) described as the "seamless garment" of life issues from the moment of conception to natural death.

Program Six: Responsible Stewardship
As stewards of creation, we are not owners or masters of the natural world. Creation is a gift to humanity which in turn takes responsibility for its health and well-being.

Program Seven: A Moral Issue
Every decision about how humans relate to the environment is a moral decision and has long-term impact on the natural world and all of its creatures who must live and thrive within it.

Program Eight: Solidarity
In addressing the needs of the environmental crisis, we must also address the needs of those most in danger as a result of the crisis, including those
who are systematically oppressed or marginalised.

Program Nine: Creation and Spirituality
At times beautiful, at times awe-inspiring, creation informs our spirituality and invites us to take responsibility for its health and vibrancy - not only for this for this generation, but all generations to come.

Program Ten: Do Not Despair
Evidence of the environment in trouble can give rise to fear and despair, especially among young people. We are encouraged to act out of hope, and to simply, each of us, do whatever is possible.

Program Eleven: Think Globally, Work Locally
Catholics everywhere are taking up the challenge to see the environmental crisis as truly global while taking measures to act locally and personally towards its reversal.

Program Twelve: Becoming Committed
How our Holy Father, Pope Francis encourages the people of God to become informed about today's environmental challenges and to then understand the need for change and action.